What are fixie bikes?

Fixies or refer to them as fixed gear bikes are very much admired option for youngsters and teenagers found all over the World. You could get to see a wide range of journals, magazines, sites and blogs, which simply love to talk around fixie. These sites have praises for the fixie bikes and carry different experiences of people who love cycling. But the other people simply do not subscribe to these claims. Regardless of the side, you opt, but the fact is these fixie bikes remain admired among the urban adolescence for a broad range of reasons plus the affordability and other factors.

Single speed got its name for its functionality that is it utilizes single gear ratio. This fixie is unique in comparison to other bikes that possess hub gearing, derailleur system, and other such features. Above features are usually found on the mountain, trek and hybrid bikes. The majority of the bikes that are available for children comes in the category of geared bikes. Some cyclists prefer this type of fixie because of the simplicity of maintenance, cost, and many other aspects.

Why buy these types of bikes?

If you are searching for the riding option to school or college, then single speed can be the alternative to go for. It is the kind of bike that is preferred by most of the people. The primary reason behind this is that there are no cables and thus no shifting gears when biking. This is the design that is appealing not only for beginners but also others those who want simple bikes that they can ride comfortably from one place to another.

Another reason that entices people to go for fixie bike is that it requires less maintenance. In case you have a sophisticated bike you will be required to take too much care of the gear and the parts. One thing you need to keep in mind is that more the number of parts more responsibility you have to fix it. More the number of parts on your bike, you will be required to put in more time to keep a check on it. It will also increase the weight of the bike. Hence compared to the complicated bike, fixed gear bike are simple to maintain and handle.

Riding a fixie bike is a no-brainer task. The simple thing that you are required to do is to pedal when you want to run the single speed and when you want to stop it you need to apply the brake. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this fixie gear bike is suitable for smooth road only and not to ride on various terrains.

This type of bike is also the best option for racers as they move on a flat path and paved roads. Usually, racers prefer these bikes as it is simple and requires low maintenance which makes it possible to practice for long hours without any problem.

It isn’t just a good option for racers but also for newbies.If you are a beginner and getting your first bike, then the fixie bikes are the best option. Wearing correct kind of clothes is crucial when you are riding fixie bike. The reason behind this is to make sure that there are no uncertain circumstances when riding the bike because of the wrong attire that you have worn.