When you have a car, it’s important to invest in a good set of tires. This part of your vehicle contributes a lot on how safe your car will be, its efficiency, and your overall performance on the road.

If your car is brand new, then you might be satisfied with your stock tires, but they are not invincible from the wear and tear brought by weather conditions, environmental elements, and the various surfaces. On the other hand, second-hand cars will have better performance when you buy a set of tires that comes from a reliable brand.

If you want to make a good investment, these are the brands that you should look up today.


Those who are looking for an affordable option should take a look at the tires offered by Cooper. This brand might not have a big price tag but it does give buyers great value. First, are the performance options that you can choose from for every tire size. Not a lot of brands can give you up to six options for sedans and SUVs, and up to fifteen for the truck tires, especially those that are on the same price range as the Cooper Tires. 

Another thing to love about Cooper is the tread-life warranty that is just above average. However, do remember that you’ll also have to pay for the shipping fee and the installation costs. 


Goodyear Tires are popular for a reason. This is a brand that delivers excellent products and services. But this top of the line quality comes at a cost.

First of all, you can buy Goodyear tires online and you won’t be charged for the shipping fee. This brand will also give you the most options when it comes to the type of tires for every tire size. They also give tread-life warranties that are above average.

To protect consumers like you, Goodyear also has a 30-day road test. This allows you to evaluate your purchase and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within the 30-day period. Having this kind of assurance gives customers peace of mind that their investment is worth it.


Another affordable option is the Hankook Tires. In fact, it has the best tread-life warranty which is an average of 59,000 miles for their tires. But don’t worry because this won’t cost you a lot. This brand gives you a very competitive price and up to five performance options for their tire sizes. This brand might be a little bit more expensive than Cooper and you won’t be able to purchase the tires directly from them.


Michelin might be the most expensive brand on this list, but you can’t deny that it can offer you the best winter tires. Car owners will also love the fact that they give tread-life warranties for their winter tires, which is something that other brands cannot offer.

These are just sneak peeks of the best brands that you will find in the market today. If you want to learn more about tires and read more in-depth reviews, then visit tiredealersites.com for more information.